Will 2022 be the year you FINALLY leverage and monetise your expertise?

If you’ve been after a membership website for a while, NOW is the time to get started, and save yourself $1,750 in the process…

If you’re looking for a membership website, and you’re interested in having the expert team at MemberLab build it for you, then we’ve got good news – our end of year offer can save you $1,750 on the cost.

Why invest in a membership website?

If you’re currently trading time for money, and working on a 1:1 basis with clients, but you’d like to leverage that expertise more effectively, whether that’s via courses, programmes, video series or memberships, a membership website is the best and most effective way to make it happen.

When your new membership website is set up, you’re able to generate income that doesn’t rely on YOU then delivering something live – instead, your members consume already created assets, meaning you genuinely can make money why you sleep.

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What do I get with my membership site from MemberLab?

A whole lot! Here’s what you get when you join us as a MemberLab customer:

Set Up Branded To You 1

Completely set up and branded to you

Just send us your logo or brand guide and we'll create your membership website to perfectly match your brand.

Marketing Connected 1

All essential plugins included

No need to worry about what plugins you need to buy and set up - they all come with your site.

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Your membership sale page set up

Sales page / sign-up page set-up. Just send us the copy or we can write it for you as a pro feature.

Content Library

Online courses and content library

Create unlimited courses and add as many resources as you want. Users can also bookmark their favourites for future use.

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Members area dashboard

Allow your customers access to the content they have based on the membership level they’ve paid for.

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Membership levels and payments

Easily take one-off or recurring subscription payments. We'll even create up to 4 membership levels for you.

Hosting Backup

Secure hosting with daily back-ups

Through our dedicated hosting provider, we offer unmatched website security, speed and back-ups for peace of mind.

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Ongoing support to help you grow

Worried you won’t have the support you need? Each plan comes with email support so we'll always have your back.

Support Training

Access to our training resources

Do you like tweaking things or uploading and managing your own content? Our video training resources will show you how.

Why is now the right time to get started?

First off, we’re weeks away from a brand new year.

The last couple of years have been pretty tough for lots of people, and many of us have got grand plans for 2022, in terms of the amount of money we want to earn, the holidays we want to go on and the time we want to spend with the people we love.

A membership site is designed to help with all of that, by making it easy for you to monetise your expertise next year.

Quite simply, if you’ve been looking to create a membership site so you can have higher quality, passive income, the turn of the year serves as a very useful prompt to get it done.

Secondly, we’ve put together a fantastic ‘end of year’ offer to help you make it happen…

#1 Secure 2021 prices and SAVE $500

You won’t be surprised to learn that we’re raising our prices on January 1st 2022.

The cost of everything is going up, and it’s important that we increase our prices in line with our costs.

However, when you make the decision to get going with your site before midnight on Thursday 9th December, you’ll secure your website at 2021 prices, saving yourself $500.

Membership Websites
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#2 FREE Call Booking System, worth $500

As part of your member proposition, you’re very likely to want a way for your members or customers to be able to book in calls with you, and we’ll built this into your membership site for you.

Usually an additional cost of $500, you’ll get this thrown in for free when you confirm your site before midnight on Thursday 9th December.

#3 FREE Lead Generation Page, worth $750

Once your website is up and running, you’ll want a way to convert website visitors into leads, which can then be turned into sales.

We’ll build you a bespoke compelling lead generation page, offering your prospect something in exchange for their data, and ensuring that it’s all hooked up to your CRM and other software, allowing you to hit the ground running and start quickly generating leads.

Usually an additional cost of $750, you’ll get your lead generation page for nothing when you come on board and order a MemberLab membership website before midnight on Thursday 9th December.

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Your Next Step

Interested? Fancy saving yourself $1,750 and taking a HUGE step towards leveraging your expertise and making more money, all while working less next year?

Let’s talk – use the diary below to schedule a call, and let’s go from there, but you’ll need to hurry; to get your three bonuses, you’ll need to have booked your call by midnight on Thursday 9th December.

Choose a date and time below and let’s get started now.