The 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

4 Automations All Membership Websites Should Have

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If you’re running a membership website, it should be connected to a customer relationship management software to help with automating your business and help you easily stay in touch with your members. This will allow you to build strong relationships and turn them into lifelong fans that help you to earn money for a long time to come!

CRM can help with automating various processes on membership websites. Automating membership websites can be done with the right processes that can help you to build better customer relationships, get valuable feedback, and ensure that your company consistently handles various situations.

Consistency is key in any business, as this helps you to build a better reputation and trust with your customers.

Below, we’ll discuss 4 automations that every membership site should use. Take a look:

Onboarding Automation

When somebody decides to join your site, they will feel super excited. Making sure the onboarding process goes as smoothly as possible for them so that their excitement is warranted is key. You don’t want this experience to be one big let down.

You want to ensure that the entire experience goes well and that they are happy right from the offset. Without an automated onboarding process, they may feel confused and dissatisfied with your site and how to use it. First impressions really do count in this case!

If you have a ton of different content, various sections, and plenty of features, somebody who has just signed up may feel overwhelmed. If they can’t work out how to use your site, and you don’t do anything to help them, it is unlikely you’ll be able to hold on to them in the long term. You may even receive complaints or bad reviews as a result of their experience.  

There are a few things you can do to ensure people get off on the right foot with your website. Utilizing email automation can complement your efforts. A short sequence sent over the first few weeks will ensure that new members get to grips with your site. Easing their transition into your site will get things off on the right track in terms of retaining them as paid customers now and in the future.

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Are your members engaged on your site? They should be working through your content, for example your courses, and making the most of their membership. If they’re not, it’s unlikely they feel they have incentive to do so and are unlikely to continue paying their membership fees in future.

Figure out how you can use automating a membership website to ensure that your members are properly engaging with your site.

You could send out email reminders to let them know when they last used the site, what they have left to do, and perhaps send them interesting stats that could motivate them to keep on using the site to get the results that they set out to achieve.

Sending encouragement and notifications to encourage people to engage with your membership site will ensure you stay in the forefront of their minds and that they visit more regularly.

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Having a client cancel on their membership isn’t nice, but you will probably experience this at some point no matter how hard you try. People may cancel for a number of reasons, and it may not even be your fault. That being said, you really shouldn’t blow this opportunity to get feedback from your users. Don’t just assume that there was nothing you could have done to make them stay.

Ask them questions and figure out what you could have done to make your service better and how you could have changed things to ensure they stayed with you. You might even consider offering them a free gift or discount at this point to encourage them to stay a little longer.

Maybe you could offer them a reduced rate for the next 6 months to get them hooked on the site and the features that you offer.

If they still decide to leave, you’ll want to make sure they’re moved out of check ins and reviews.


Feedback from your audience is essential to your success.

You want to make sure you’re truly listening to your audience, and that you’re aiming to streamline and hone your service in a way that pleases them. You can get feedback by automating a membership website in a way that simply asks how they are enjoying the site.

Another idea is to ask whether there’s anything they think you could improve upon. You will not be able to see things the same way your audience do, so asking them for their opinion is key to your growth and getting to where you want to be. The one thing your audience really wants is to feel valued.

You can make them feel valued by showing them that their opinion matters to you. Let them know you’ve made the changes they wanted and they will be much more likely to stay with you as a paying member.


Automating certain aspects of your membership website can save you time and help you to get much better results. With the advice here, you can automate the onboarding process to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and get off on the right foot with your members.

You can also ensure that your members stay engaged with your content, keeping them up to date and nudging them with reminders to ensure they are utilizing your site, and are more likely to stay with you in the long run.

You will be able to manage your cancellations better to, finding out what you could have done better to reduce cancellations in future, and potentially offer people who are thinking about cancelling another reason to stay.

Finally, you can ask for periodical feedback from your members, and find out what features you can add or what you can change to make your service and site as satisfactory as possible.

All of these things will improve customer retention tenfold. Implement them into your automation strategy as soon as you can to notice big results.

Automating membership websites truly could not be easier.

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