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The 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

4 ways to boost your memberships audience

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When you want to Boost your memberships audience it can seem like a scary task, however it’s not as bad as it seems. This blog post covers 4 things you should do if your engagement is down or you want to take your membership website to the next level.

If you do everything in in this blog post you’ll be sure to boost your memberships audience, and retain your members.

1. Auditing your Audience

In order to boost your memberships audience, you need to know your audience, find out how big your current audience is and more importantly if they’re your ideal audience. These usually come from the following sources.

  • Current clients
  • Your Social presence
  • Your email list

Once you’ve got your audience size down, you’ll need to figure out if they fit within your ideal customer profile. Admittedly this can be quite difficult to do, and you can only work with what you’ve got. 

Our suggestion is to look at where they came from, what free value have you given away in the past? Does it directly benefit your ideal customer and does it fit with the direction you would like to take your membership site. 

Has it been a while since they joined your current audience, or are they fresh on the scene and ready to go?

Do the members of your audience actively engage with you and your content, or are your emails left to rot in their inbox?

When you’ve figured all of this out, you can do one of two things. Create a new list, with all of your ideal customers and contact them in various ways or let all of your audience know exactly what sort of content and business they can expect from you.

2. Segmenting your audience

Another element that will help you boost your memberships audience is segmentation.

When you segment your audience into sub-groups that all have different interests creating good sized niches for your business, you are also then able to communicate and engage with your audience on a new level.

Segmenting your customers can happen at any point within your business and is easy to do.

Your task, for this week, if you choose to accept it is to break your audience into 3 or 4 main sections. 

This can be done based on many things depending on your business, here are some examples for different types of businesses that should give you a good idea:

Online fitness: Different areas of the body, runners, nutritionists or cyclists, another idea for this is competency, this could include things like beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

Social Butterflies: Segmenting an audience like one for a social butterfly couldn’t be easier; you could segment depending on what platform people are using, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Another option is for people who want to create the content themselves or people who would prefer a done for you service.

So name I’m now going to let you into a little secret, how MemberLab segments their audience. We tend to have three or four different segments. Physical stores who want to get online, people who have had membership sites built for them but aren’t happy with the finished result. People that use hosted membership websites similar to Kajabi, and then people who want to leverage their expertise.

That may seem like a lot, but when it comes down to it, it allows the members of staff who deal with our marketing to get down into the nitty-gritty and use the appropriate messaging and language.

You could even go a step further and split all of your content into smaller segments to boost engagement on your site.

3. Repurposing Content

I learned a trick from a book I read called content10x that will possibly change your life without doubling your workload, yes really. 

The book is widely available on Amazon, click here to get it.

Content10x book cover

Or if you don’t do I can’t create enough content to publish on all of our marketing lists and on our blog. Click here to check out the blog.

The book Content 10x talks about content repurposing and how you can use it to your advantage. 

Some people may think content repurposing is almost cheating, but I realised that it is in many cases creating new content based on something you’ve done before. You don’t have to start from scratch every time.

The best way to repurpose content is to look back at everything you have created, split them into categories such as blog posts, podcasts, videos, webinars and how-to videos.

After that, you can take the audio from how-to videos and your standard videos to create more episodes of a podcast, take emails you wrote years ago and flesh them out to turn them into blog posts for all to see.

Adobe recently started posting bite-sized how-to videos on their social media to engage their customers and increase the number of customers they have. The way they did this was by repurposing their content. They edited their old how-to videos and created smaller bite-sized videos. 

Now that is content repurposing done the right way!

4. Paid Advertising

Paid traffic is an almost guaranteed way to boost your memberships audience, it’s a great way to get the ball rolling with any new membership website or business venture.

As I’m sure you’re aware there are many different ways to get paid traffic to go to your website, this can seem a little daunting, but often yields excellent results.

At MemberLab, we use two approaches:

  • The google display network reaches more than 2 million websites and 90% of internet users. Google doesn’t mess around. The google display network allows you to take advantage of remarketing to engage people who have already visited your site.
  • Facebook marketing is easier to set up and run than other advertising tools; it has so many possibilities and can be the perfect way to get yourself some raving fans! Facebook marketing also allows for remarketing.

If you want to get as many people as possible to see your ads, cold traffic is your best bet. Cold traffic targets people who have never heard of you or your business before. It does this on Facebook by targeting people’s interests; on google, it is done through keywords. 

Once you’ve been using paid advertising for a couple of weeks, you can set up remarketing to give away more free content like your lead magnets.

If you have never used paid marketing before we can recommend Natasha Conway at TrafficSnap to do it for you or if you want to learn for yourself give Gavin Bells Funnel Academy ago!

If you want to find out more about membership website marketing, you can do so by reading our blog post’ 6 ways to market your membership website’ click here to view it.

I feel like i’ve just given you a lot of work to do.

I would apologise but honestly all of the hard work pays off and is well worth it in the long run.

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