The 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

5 Must-Have Membership Website Features

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Pulling your hair out over creating your membership website? Want to capture your members’ attention with the best site features? Don’t know where to start? It’s hard to know what will work for your membership website in the beginning. You might be worrying you’ll miss out on the essentials.

Including the most effective features in your membership is the best way to reach new members, supply high-value content and keep your members renewing their subscriptions!

You’ve got the knowledge that your members are going to love, but how exactly should you get that across on your membership website?

Here are the 5 must-have membership features to include…

1 – Member’s Live Learning

Need to teach your members one-on-one with live interaction?

Member’s Live Learning is the easy way to deliver your lessons without arranging individual one-on-one meetings and sending out confusing meeting invites with unclear RSVPs.

Be free to run Q&A calls to clear up common questions or troubleshoot your members’ particular problems in your niche. With live training as well you can let your members know exactly when to expect your next live call and let them register their attendance without fuss. 

The truth is that people prefer to learn from real people wherever possible and making your videos live adds that crucial layer of trust.

2 – Member’s Roadmap

Wish your members could look ahead to see what you can offer them next?

A member’s roadmap will give your members a whistlestop tour of every step through your membership content. 

Want them to start with your blogs and then start levelling up through your online courses? Your roadmap can show them their next step and just what to expect. 

Even the most beautifully planned out and designed website can be overwhelming for a new member, so having a clear map of their journey is an absolute must.

3 – Member’s Forum

Want to bring your members together to share ideas and questions?

Choose to give your members a private (and exclusive) space to share their thoughts and seek mutual support. By creating a member’s forum, you allow your members to continue engaging with your website even when they’re not taking in your content.

If they want to share a success story or seek feedback on a mistake, your forum is a safe and dedicated place for them.

The best part is that by being the virtual host of this forum you’re given the seat of trust, encouraging members to look to you as the authority in your membership niche.

4 – Public Blog

What’s the feature that benefits both you and your members? 

A public blog!

This one is a little different because your blog will usually be accessible online to the public for free. In fact, your blog will become the promotion engine for your membership website, drawing organic and social traffic straight to you.

Get your website found on search engines and your new members will come to you. 

Blogging is a common marketing strategy for a reason – it works. So don’t miss this feature out of your website design.

5 – Sales Funnel Page

If you have a blog, that means you’ll need a wider sales funnel to go along with it. 

Increase your lead generation with a member’s sales funnel and always ensure you have members signing up and renewing. An effective lead generation funnel will automatically take people through a journey toward buying.

First, potential members will land on your page and sign up for your emails. Then you can run an automated sales email campaign. In these emails, you’ll build trust, show them your value and offer to solve a problem with your membership. 

The rest, as they say, is membership website history!

The First Step To An Effective Membership Site?

After reading this blog, you should be ready and rearing to get your membership in front of the world. People are more likely to value a membership website that contains features like live calls, roadmaps and forums.

And don’t forget that to get there to start with you’ll need marketing features like a blog and sales funnel.

So, if you’re looking for help and guidance in your membership website design, book a call today to get started.

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