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The 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

Content Delivery Types Explained: Which Choice Is Right For YOU?

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A lot goes into planning a membership website, we know. It can get confusing and frustrating for you before you’ve even started trying to get clients. 

There’s a lot of membership and marketing jargon out there. 

Even if you’re trying to educate yourself or get some help creating and launching a membership site, it can be overwhelming. 

The biggest problem beginners have when planning their first membership is content. 

What kind of content is going to work best? And when? How many types of content are there, and how will you actually get it in front of potential leads? The list goes on…

At Memberlab, we noticed how intimidating the idea of a membership website can be for a business owner. 

So we created a solution. A simplified, all-in-one system to help you create, launch and build up your membership website.

And because content delivery is such a crucial part of this process – connecting you to your members at every stage through marketing to membership – we put together everything you need to know about content delivery. 

Let’s start with the most important question. 

What is Content Delivery?

Once you get an understanding of what content delivery means you’ll have a better idea of the role it plays in your membership site. Luckily, it’s as simple as it sounds. Content delivery refers to the ways that you get your valuable information to your client. 

For example, if your membership site offers business marketing advice, you could provide that high-value content on your site through masterclasses, online courses, blogs, and live calls. Your content is why your members subscribe, it gets them connected to you and builds that all-important trust. 

The best thing about content delivery is that there are so many options. You can mix and match how you deliver your website content to suit you and your members. 

Here are the types of content delivery to choose from and the benefits of each:


Online courses are a smart way to deliver teaching that solves a particular concern that your members have. You can choose mini or longer courses depending on your needs. 

One of the best things about utilising online courses on your membership site is that once the course is created and launched you can take a step back and watch your members enrol! 

Depending on whether your courses are evergreen or closed door, you can keep the course open for consistent enrollments or you can relaunch whenever you want to reopen the course.

Live Lessons

At MemberLab we introduced Live Lessons as an ultra engaging way to schedule live group calls with your members. Live Lessons could include roundtables, Q&A opportunities, presentations and live training sessions. 

There are so many benefits to interacting with your members in real-time. Live calls can help to position you as an authority in your sector and build a sense of trust. You’ll also be building a library of recorded content that you can make available elsewhere on your site. 


Webinars are similar to Live Lessons but usually focus on a very specific pain point. The host of the webinar shares video and audio, actively teaching a remote audience on the subject. Webinars are normally live and have an interactive aspect, with a group chat. 

Webinars can get across a key solution to your members with minimal effort. A clear presentation through a webinar should leave your members feeling well-informed and ready to move on to your next offering. 


Masterclasses follow the same idea as Live Lessons and webinars, with an emphasis on giving a complete and expert experience. In these classes, a trusted host teaches on a speciality subject going into great detail. Members will practice what they’ve learnt and then the host will follow this up with in-depth instruction. 

This is an ideal content delivery option for experts who have really narrowed down what their membership is going to offer. With many hours of content and invaluable teaching from field professionals, masterclasses give your members a real bang for their buck. 


Blogs are… exactly what you’re reading now! They deliver genuinely informative content in text format. Blogs can be in a range of tones to suit your industry – from academic to personal and friendly. They can be anything from 200 words to 2000+ words in length.

With a blog on your membership website, you can let your audience know you have all the answers, establishing you as a trusted source of information.

Drip Feeding 

Drip feeding content is a tried and true method of giving content to your site members bit by bit. You might release a series of blogs, videos, or webinars over the course of a month or two until your members have access to the entire series library. 

Drip feeding has the benefit of keeping your members engaged and waiting on the next instalment from you. Because drip feed content releases over time, it also gives you the freedom to pre-make the content or create the content over the release period. 


With evergreen content, you launch your site, course, or another offer once and it stays open. Usually, the content doesn’t undergo many changes over time.

An evergreen method means less stress because you won’t have to deal with repeated launches. It also creates a more consistent income stream for your business.

Closed Door 

Closed door content delivery does what it says on the tin. You launch your content with a limited period of access. Once that time has passed, the offer closes until you relaunch again. 

The major benefit of choosing a closed door method is that it gives a greater sense of urgency for your members to take advantage of the current offer, whether it’s a course, masterclass, live call, or webinar. 

Ask the Expert 

Ask the expert opportunities can come in the form of live calls, group chats, or even Q&As answering submitted questions. 

This content delivery method puts you at front and centre, allowing you to help members with your expertise.


Quizzes can be a fun way to bring your insights to your members. Usually, quizzes are trying to answer a simple, specific question that your audience might have.  Through the quiz questions, you can reveal some hidden information and give your audience a satisfying conclusion.

Quizzes are an instantly engaging way to draw in potential leads or even to test members’ knowledge after a course, webinar or call.

With so many ways to deliver your unique content to your audience, planning, launching, and maintaining your membership site you’re sure to find what works best for you. 

If you’re still not sure what type of content delivery method would fit your membership idea, book a FREE demo call here and I’ll be happy to help…

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