The 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

Content Repurposing – Save Time & Make More Sales

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Running a business and don’t have time to launch your membership? Feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to take the next step? Too much on your plate already for launching and marketing your membership? 

There are some ways you can save time on your membership launch while still making sales. 

I’ve talked before about how to launch a membership site and where people are going wrong. Often people think they need every little thing prepared and perfect before they can take off, but that’s not true.

I mentioned that just getting started and launching will serve you better and kickstart your membership into more than just an idea.

You can launch smart to help you save time, but there are other strategies you can use to increase your sales simultaneously. One of my favourite time-saving methods for this is content repurposing. 

What Is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing is incredibly simple. In fact, you’ll love it once you know what it is. 

You can repurpose content by taking an asset you already have and reusing it for something else. For example, you may have an article you’re proud of – maybe it performed really well when you first released it. Repurposing this content would mean taking the original article and reusing it in some way. 

You might split the article into five separate social posts, or perhaps you’d create a checklist from your article.

Another example of content repurposing in action could be a digital ebook you created. 

If you took the highlights from that ebook and turned it into an email sequence, you would be multiplying your return on that one piece of content. Not only would your audience get the key points in their emails, they could still download the full ebook for every detail.

You’re using that initial content to its fullest extent, presenting it differently or even just re-releasing it to give your audience the most value possible. 

Benefits Of Content Repurposing?

Saves you time – Instead of having to make content from scratch every month, week or day you already have something ready to go. 

Some membership businesses feel burnt out coming up with new conversation points so often. It can help to have ‘evergreen’ content that’s ready and waiting and won’t cost you too much time and creativity.

It helps you make more sales – If you take one lesson from your membership site, for example, you could turn that into lead bait.

People would download the single lesson in return for signing up to your email list. Just like that, you’d have an interested lead and you didn’t have to create anything new. 

It sets the standard of your membership – By keeping your message and content consistent and related, it lets your audience know what they’ll get from you. They see you covering all the details on a specific topic and it sets you up as an expert in their minds.

This relationship-building is invaluable in the membership marketing process since you need your potential members to trust you!

Increases your reach – Through content repurposing, you’re extending your reach across different platforms to different audiences. For example, if you take a blog and put it out on social media you’re connecting with an entirely separate audience set who might’ve missed out otherwise. 

Make the most of your content – It also helps to make the most of the truly valuable content you’ve already released. If an asset has worked well before, why let it get lost in the archives? Send it out again in a different format for twice the effect. 

Content repurposing gives your content another chance. We’ve all been there – you write an amazing social post but it doesn’t get the interaction you expected. Well, if you repurpose that post and extend your point into an article, you might find that it gets a completely different response. 

How To Use Content Repurposing To Make More Sales

The best way to use content repurposing to make more membership sales is used by most of the highest performing membership providers. 

Simply take a section from your membership site, cut it up into smaller pieces and then sell it separately.

To put this into a membership example, imagine you have a set of lessons on your site. You could take one lesson from that set and offer it up as free lead bait to your social media and email audience. 

They can access the single lesson for free. But after they’ve taken you up on that offer, let them know that the full set of lessons is available for a set offer price. 

This is a super-effective sales strategy because it allows people to try an ‘aperitif’ of your membership without committing to the full membership to begin with. Once they know what you can offer them, people are more likely to go ahead and sign up fully.

How To Use Content Repurposing To Save Time

By repurposing content you’ve already made, you’re maximising on your productivity, your time and your effort. When it comes to making sales and you already have all of that content on your membership site, you’re able to go straight into your marketing funnel. 

With all of that content ready and waiting, you can simply break it down into the pieces you need without waiting around to create every aspect of marketing content.

As you can see, content repurposing is a clever way to maximise your results, save time and make more sales for your membership site. 

If you want to find out the other clever ways we can make your membership site a success, book your demo call here.

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