The 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

Email Automation – How To Make Sales While You Sleep

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Every membership site owner loves to see new members rolling in… You’ve done the hard part of converting a new customer…

But your job doesn’t end there. 

Memberships for some, are an impulse buy or a suck-it-and-see type of scenario. That first year is the litmus test they use to decide if they re-subscribe. So if you don’t engage your members with regular conversation and content, you might find they lose interest and you’ll be consigned to the ‘cancel membership’ pile within the first few months. 

But between creating your membership content, managing new leads and all the other business admin that bogs you down, how can you add another vital task to your already long list?

Maybe you forgo that hour at the gym or that date night you promised and write emails instead? 

Or is there a better way? A quicker way? A way that emails you can consistently keep in contact with your leads, prospects and clients while you workout, dine or sleep…

What Is Email Automation?

Email automation is exactly what it sounds like; an automatic email response that’s preset to be sent upon an action. That can be a welcome email following a new subscriber to your blog, a sale series that promotes your current offer or just a drip-feed of information reminding people to make the most of their membership with you.

Automated emails take the legwork out of managing your communications, and since they’re automatic, it means you can manage different time zones seamlessly (or those night-owl browsers that never seem to sleep).

Trust us, if there’s one thing that will help enhance your member engagement and increase sales, email automation is it.

Here’s what it can do for your membership business… 

1: Better Conversion

Automated emails have a better conversion rate than the ones you send yourself. Why? Timing. Timing is everything when someone is thinking about a purchase. If you leave it too long between a site visit or sign up and making contact, that lead may well have bought elsewhere. 

The term ‘if you snooze, you lose’ applies here.

Not only does an email follow up engage your lead right off the bat, it also gives you an opportunity to cross-sell other products and services or entice them into joining your membership scheme.

2: Loyal Relationships

Remember pen-pals? You know, the kind you had when you were at school; you’d write to them about how rad The Eagles/Beastie Boys/Rihanna* were and they’d reply with stories and details about their life. It was an exchange and every time you saw your name on that envelope, you felt a little frisson of joy. 

Your clients are no different. They love to hear from you!

Email automation allows you to create a reliable, fulfilling relationship with people – from a warm welcome to birthday wishes to early bird offers, without having to lift a finger. 

*other nineties classics are available

3: Make It Easy

The best business solutions are easy. They help to reduce your stress, your workload and your mental load. And that’s a two-way street when it comes to your customers.

If your processes are complicated, long-winded or unreliable, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s costing you businesses.

Take your onboarding process for example; do you have a simple, intuitive flow that guides your new client calmly through the onboarding stages? If you spend more time writing and sending emails (in between managing everything else you have to do) then you’re missing a trick.

Email automation for onboarding is the perfect mix of steadiness and continuity. You craft each email to give your client enough information to take them to the next stage, and they can complete them at their own pace. 

4: Hook, Line & Sinker

Do you offer visitors to your site a free download? If you do, nice work – it’s one of the best ways to start your sales funnel. Sometimes called ‘lead bait’, a free download helps you to showcase what you offer while gauging the interest of your site visitors – lots of downloads means you’re doing something right. 

But what then? If you are relying on your customer to contact you, be prepared for a long wait. Even the most engaging downloads still need prompting by way of follow up email.

Or maybe you are following up by penning emails as you go. But there’s no tracking for those, and if you find that your download starts a flurry of emails, making sure you send a follow-up to everyone – and manage any replies – will become chaotic. 

By automating your email follow-ups, you can have a clear strategy that leads potential clients to exactly where you want them…a sale.

It can also help to identify if there are any drop off stages, where people lose interest. By using an automated system, you can fine-tune it using real data, leaving you with a quantifiable sales tool that adds value to your business. 

At Memberlab, our custom membership sites go hand-in-hand with email automation tools like ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft. Everything fits together like it was created in a…well…lab. Custom membership sites start from $4975, and that includes the ability to create as many automated emails as you need.  

Automate To Accelerate  

Want to learn how you can fast track your business with email automation? We can show you how incredibly simple it is to harness the power that email automations provide you with; from keeping leads warm to onboarding new members to maintaining engagement with your loyal base.

So, if adding value and impact to your membership schemes matters to you, get in touch to talk to us about how Memberlab can help transform your business…

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