The 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

The most Important Membership KPI’s to track

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Membership KPI’s can be a tough nut to crack but once you’ve done it there’s no turning back

Most Membership website owners don’t look at and track their Membership KPIs or Key performance Indicators, so we thought we would educate you on why they’re so important and which ones you should be tracking.

KPI’s are:

  • Quantitative – Usually presented in the form of numbers.
  • Practical –  Integrate well with existing company processes.
  • Actionable – Put into practical application to effect the desired change.

But how do they help?

Membership KPI’s can influence the way your business sets goals, and measures if they’ve reached them or not. They can help you grow to be as good as you can be, giving a real sense of achievement to you, the business owner.

Here’s some examples of KPI’s you can track: 

  • New sign ups (Marketing Lists, Paid Members) 
  • Net profit
  • Churn Rate
  • Growth Profit
  • Number of leads from your sales funnel
  • Average time for conversion

The KPI’s we think everyone must track are as follows:

  1. Customer Acquisition Cost

A lot of Memberships are started by small businesses. When a small business is starting out every penny counts. So knowing how much it is going to cost to bring in new customers is crucial. 

Once you know your customer acquisition cost you can fairly easily predict how many new members you’re going to be likely to bring in over a period of time.

A great example of this is if you know you have a budget of $1000 to bring in new members over a 30 day period and it costs $50 to bring in a new member, you’ll bring in approximately 20 new members.

Having your customer acquisition cost nailed will mean you’ll be able to figure out how long it’s going to take for you to become profitable.

  1. Churn Rate

Churn rate helps you to figure out the amount of customers you typically lose each month – the lower the percentage of a churn rate the better. 

One way to work this out is by dividing the number of customers who have left your membership by your total number of customers. For example if you had 2000 members and 300 left each month you’d calculate 300/2000 to get a 15% churn rate.

  1. Lifetime Customer Value

Figuring out your lifetime customer value can be tricky when you’ve first opened your membership, that is quite simply because you’ll have no idea on how long a ‘lifetime’ is.

A Lifetime customer value is figured out by getting how long your members are staying with you and figuring out how much they averagely spend. This can be tricky to find out but its well worth it if you can

  1. Member Engagement

There are a couple of plugins that can help you to figure out your members engagement on your membership website. Member engagement is a great way to figure out which parts of your content are working for your members.

Maybe your membership contains a linear course, when you track member engagement you can see where members tend to drop off or fizzle out as well How many members have finished a course.

This means you may be able to set up member engagement triggers within your crm to email people to remind them to finish a lesson or module. You may be familiar with this tactic if you’ve ever used the duolingo app.

  1. Trial Retention 

If you decide to trial a trial membership on your membership its well worth figuring out what percentage of people stick around after their trial is up. 

You’ll always have people who cancel as soon as their trial is up but the most important people are the ones that stick around. 

Unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do to track this KPI automatically so your only option is to do it yourself by comparing the number of people that have signed up to your trail by the number of members remaining after the initial trial period.

If you decide to track these important Membership KPI’s and then use them as a measure to slowly improve your membership you’ll see growth month after month.

Are you hungry for more membership website tips and tricks? You can find out more by clicking here to be taken to our blog.

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