Beat The Budget

Beat the Budget is an ingenious website that educates members on how to keep costs down whilst still having healthy and nutritious meals. Beat the Budget was born from Mimi being a third year student on a budget, but works for families, couples and people living alone.

What was required

Beat the Budget already had a pre-existing website that gave away free recipes aimed at students looking to make great meals on a budget.
Mimi had built up a strong following on Instagram and wanted to offer her followers more content which would also allow her to build an income around her passion.

What was missing? A membership section to provide exclusive recipes with advanced nutritional breakdowns, guided how-to videos, the ability for users to save their favourite recipes and create their own shopping lists.

How we helped

Beat The Budget already had recognisable branding on the original website. We wanted to make sure that translated across to the new site.

We used our MemberLab framework for the core areas of the membership website. We created a customised recipes section, which allows Mimi to add recipes and maintain a consistent look and feel quickly and easily.

Each recipe contains member-only features, giving different variations of the methods such as “Vegan” or “Low Carb” along with all the ingredients and nutritional information for each variation.

The members are provided with step by step video instructions and the ability to add the recipe to a shopping list. The recipes can also be printed to prevent sticky screens! Non-members are offered a more simplified version and are encouraged to join for full access.

We also built in multiple web forms for welcoming new members, requesting feedback as well as to ask anonymous questions on the ‘Ask Mimi’ Section of the membership website.

The membership site puts its users first and is easy to navigate. The shopping list function is one of our favourites! You can add recipes to the list, and it sorts the ingredients into categories on a printable checklist, which takes some of the hassles out of planning the weekly shop.

The site is connected to ActiveCampaign CRM. This will now enable Mimi to grow her marketing lists, run sales campaigns and segment members so she can run more specific member communications.

Mimi is a pleasure to work with, and we’re delighted that the site launch went well and members are getting the most of of the site’s features. We’ve picked up some tasty new recipes too, which is a bonus!

What was included:

  • Membership Website Development
  • Sales page design
  • Custom recipes development
  • CRM Integration

Technology Used:

  • LearnDash LMS
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MemberPress
  • WordPress

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