Janet Murray

Janet Murray is an expert on building an engaged online audience. Whether you need to build your social media following, get more people engaging with your blog/vlog or podcast or grow your email list, she can help.

What was required

Design and develop a new membership website for Janet Murray. Giving members a better user experience and allowing content to be broken down into more focused content categories. Members can take courses that are relevant to them and their skill and competency level.

How we helped

Janet had a clear idea of how we could help her in her membership website journey with her already pre-established branding. We worked with Janet every step of the way to ensure the member’s journey was a smooth one, breaking them down into categories whenever possible and segmenting them. The membership site is a large one with many components working together at the same time.

Janets membership site has had tremendous success, raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds. It is built on WordPress using various plugins we currently maintain her website, so it is always running smoothly. Automations help run the membership website keeping all of the virtual marketing cogs turning via ActiveCampaign.

Janet now generates passive income by selling her courses automatically.

The membership website is user friendly allowing anyone to access it at any time. Content is broken down into manageable chunks

Janet hosts a LiveLearning session every week called ‘Office hours’ which increases engagement within her membership website. They are also stored to be viewed later by other members that cannot make it to the live sessions.


What was included:

  • Website Design
  • Hosting & Backups
  • LiveLearnings
  • Monthly Support
  • Store

Technology Used:

The Results

  • Increase in Members

    Since launching the new membership website has had 2500+ new members thats an increase of 65%

  • Content for all

    40+ Different lessons have been uploaded to Janets membership website, each one providing something different to ensure everyone is catered for

  • Expanding Hosting Services

    When a website grows, we grow with it, this site has had its servers updated twice to ensure it can handle the capacity of members joining

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