Maths Unlocked with Mr Adams

Your child doesn't need to struggle with Maths, Mr Adams can help to reduce your child's anxiety and improve their maths grades with small amounts of extra practice.

What was required

Develop a fully functioning membership website to further Mr Adams business as he was operating as a private tutor along with his full time job.

Mr Adams wanted to operate his membership website through a credit system, something MemberLab had never offered before, this meant we created a custom development quote and got to work.  The credit system needed to have a variable pricing structure depending on how many credits are purchased by the user. Once the credit system is installed the membership website owner, Mr Adams would select the posts types he wants the credits to apply too.

Live Learnings are at the forefront of Maths Unlocked with Mr Adams membership website, as Live Webinars are the main form of content he produces for members.

How we helped

Maths Unlocked with Mr Adams has now launched their user friendly and intuitive membership website with great success.

The credit system allows users to pay as they go or buy in bulk which means its easier for the customer to decide what they want to buy and makes them feel at ease because they don’t have to buy a monthly subscription.

We integrated both Stripe and PayPal with this membership website so their customers will have as many options to pay for their credits as possible.

The MemberLab framework is used for the core area of the membership website, but customised to fit within the branding specification Maths Unlocked with Mr Adams required.

The goal for this membership website was to create a credit system that allowed children to pick and choose what topics they needed to revise.

Mr Adams (Or Chris to us) has been great to work with and we’re looking forward to seeing his brand new membership website flourish.

What was included:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Credits System
  • Live Learnings
  • Resources

Technology Used:

  • WooCommerce
  • Credits Plugin- MemberLab
  • Resources Plugin - MemberLab
  • Live Learnings Plugin - MemberLab
  • Gravity Forms
  • Stripe & Paypal Integration

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