Music Mind Hub

Music Mind Hub is the first ever mental health and career development membership for musicians. They help you unlock your innate mental health and true potential as a musician so you can overcome obstacles, embrace challenges and create a successful music career you can sustain and truly enjoy.

What was required

Music Mind Hub required a new website with all the trimmings, we uploaded courses, added resources, implemented community forums, enabled live calls and made sure every member was transferred into ActiveMember360.

How we helped

They now have a team of specialist coaches, therapists and health professionals who provide support through webinars, Q&A calls, forum interaction, live workshops, and offering downloadable resources.

Now that Music Mind Hub has ActiveCampaign customer relationship management system connected they have automated so many different procedures and have saved their staff hours of hard work, whilst building good relationships with their members.

Music Mind Hub is a Hub for Musicians around the world, they all create posts on the community forum, from sharing lyrics, open auditions and talking about performance anxiety. Their community forum has a place at the heart of the membership website.

Having a user friendly website is key to business growth, their website needed to be as accessible as possible, which meant as many payment options as possible, we have integrated, paypal and stripe to ensure people can pay in the way they want to.


What was included:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • LiveLearnings
  • Community forums
  • ActiveMember 360 for Membership functionality

Technology Used:

  • Wordpress
  • Woocommerce
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ActiveMember360

The Results

  • More Leads

    This is what we did to help them

  • Increase Interatcion

    This is what we did to help them

  • Another Item

    This is what we did to help them

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