Recruitment Mentors

Recruitment Mentors are a membership that provide online training and resources for users to better their skills in recruitment. Their content is delivered around their 5 key learning areas. This membership site is based around live learning sessions.

What was required

Recruitment Mentors provide online training and resources for users to better their skills in recruitment.
Their content will be delivered around their 5 key learning areas.


The traffic and social engagement will predominantly come from https://circle.so/ . Community pieces will drive traffic to this new website, allowing them to sign up and become a member. From here, users will complete training around the membership website.

The client at first did not have specific courses.  The learning will be around resources, upcoming live learning sessions and past live learning sessions that are recorded and uploaded to the site.

How we helped

Their site is currently based around 5 core learning and development pillars, and features 6-10 videos in the resource area:

  • Client
  • Candidate 
  • Branding
  • Leadership
  • Mindset

This site pulls its main pieces of content from their live learnings content, which is then added to the site after as a resource for members to view

Members can access the website via their one login and a single account.

However, whilst the members area is fleshed out with content – a form is required for users to request more licences for sub users under their master account.
Users purchasing more than 1 login under their master account will need to speak to the site owner directly and he will invoice them separately. 
The owner prefers to use GoCardless as their payment integration so we hooked Recruitment mentors up to that
Send the user the link to purchase more licences under their account to add the cost onto their subscription
However needs to be set up so that one company can purchase packs of seats (e.g. 5/10 etc)

This website was be built on a subdomain – there is a main website already being built with a detailed homepage.

What was included:

  • Resources
  • Members Area
  • Live Learnings
  • Roadmap
  • Advanced Content Categories

Technology Used:

  • WordPress
  • Roadmap - MemberLab Plugin
  • Live Learnings - MemberLab Plugin
  • Resources - MemberLab Plugin
  • Gravity Forms

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