The Group Practice Exchange

The Group Practice Exchange supply straightforward business support for group practice owners.

What was required

They had a membership website that was built years ago with custom code which ended up making it difficult to change certain aspects of their website, including updating the site to become user friendly and allow for easy and frequent updates. Their HTML custom site was missing numerous features that would set The Group practice exchange apart from their competitors.

The Group Practice Exchange wanted a full membership website that allowed for private coaching to business owners and entrepreneurs in a verity of topics.

After booking a demo call to discuss what was needed for their new WordPress Membership Website The Group Practice Exchange decided to go ahead with the build and MemberLab.

They needed a site that made sure members didn’t need loads of hand holding. Their members should be accountable and self sufficient in their learning. The WordPress membership website should be positioned and marketing to people who have the time and the ability to structure and prioritise their own business building.

How we helped

Some of The Group Practice Exchanges members have been with them since their launch a few years ago, the members have been transferred across to their new site and system and couldn’t be happier. The WordPress Membership Website has been a tremendous success.

The new site is bursting with features that have enhanced members and owners experiences.

The Group Practice Exchange is the first membership website to use our custom road map plug in. The member answers a few questions when they first join and the plug in gives them a list of videos to watch unique to the member and their journey on the site.

The Road Map feature allows the member to feel important, and the owners of the site to feel like the members are being looked after and given the appropriate amount of care, all on auto pilot.

Live chat is another feature that is included in The Group Practice exchanges WordPress Membership Website. The chat feature does not show to users, Group Practice Exchange admins will open up a chat if they want to reach out to the member who is online to ask how they are and if they need help. 

This can save staff hours of time sending emails and waiting hours for replies, and makes members feel at home, looked after and cared for, live chat has been found to boost member retention rate.

The Group Practice Exchange came to MemberLab during the Covid-19 pandemic and wanted to future proof their business while leveraging their expertise. One of the ways we have helped them do this is by adding an events feature to their WordPress Membership Website.

Our Events feature allows members to book onto events, some paid, others not. During the Covid-19 pandemic the members can book onto virtual events, the way MemberLab has future proofed this part of their site is as simple as a tick box… One click and the staff at The Group Practice Exchange can change events to a physical location. Members can RSVP and see who has RSVP’d.

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