The Magic Garden Tribe

For the ultimate psychedelic experience you need the ultimate psychedelic music you need the magic garden tribe. They bring the sacredness, authenticity, guidance and music of a live psychedelic group ceremony to the comfort of your own home.

What was required

The Magic Garden Membership website should have 3 membership tiers with a monthly and annual option for each tier.

3 main aspects of the site will be as follows:

Content Library
Users have access to a library of content split into 3 categories (‘Axis Mundi Music’, ‘Self-Discovery Guidance’ and ‘Enter the Cosmology’ and then further split into sub categories. (Access to certain content based on their membership level)
Magic Garden Live
The user has the ability to book onto ‘Magic Garden Live’ (Access to certain live calls based on their membership level)
Users should have the ability to interact with other members to discuss different topics.

How we helped

The new Magic Garden Tribe membership website is bursting with features that have enhanced members and owners experiences within psychedelic music.

The Magic Garden Tribe came to MemberLab during the Covid-19 pandemic and wanted to future proof their business while leveraging their expertise. We helped them do that by building their membership with scalability in mind. Their new membership website allows The Magic Garden Tribe to connect with all over the world rather than in Texas.

We connected the membership site to Stripe, which is a payment gateway. Stripe is industry-leading and convenient to use and manage.

We used our MemberLab framework for the core areas of the membership site. This means we use consistency to drive conversions, sales and lead magnet downloads, all while promoting site exclusive content.

The MemberLab framework is customisable, which means each area can be rebranded or renamed depending on the site, for example at MemberLab we’d usually called courses… courses. Nick wanted to call them Masterclasses and sell them individually, so we made that happen using custom post types and WooCommerce.

Live Learnings are at the heart of this membership they allow members to join depending on the tier of membership. Site owners can see which members have signed up and schedule new calls without having to leave the site.

What was included:

  • Courses
  • Resources
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Community Forum
  • Live Learnings
  • Past Live Learnings
  • CRM Integration

Technology Used:

  • MemberPress
  • WordPress
  • MailerLite
  • Elementor
  • Resources - Plugin by MemberLab
  • LiveLearnings - Plugin by MemberLab
  • MemberLab - Plugin by MemberLab
  • Zapier

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