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Make Your Membership Website A Reality

Let us build your membership website or online course website for you. No tech headaches, all done for you with expert, experienced advice and support. Our membership websites pricing plan below.

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Want to add more oomph to your membership site to make it more feature rich and profitable?

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Each plan comes with a different number of pro-add ons:

The following ADD-ONS are available to you

Pro Features add a lot to a membership website, giving them an extra edge on their competitors. All pricing is based upon a one off fee.

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Custom Design

Want to give your online course or membership website a completely unique look and feel? With this PRO feature, we'll design your membership site to be totally bespoke to you.​

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Public-facing Website

Want to market your membership site and courses with content marketing? We'll design and develop a 6 paged public-facing website to help you to share your message and market your site easier.

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Members roadmap

Want to give your members a guided path to follow on their journey through your content? A members roadmap can help you to do this perfectly.

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Member only products

Looking to sell physical and digital products exclusively to your members? We'll set this up, and you'll be on your way to maximising your order value from each member

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Members Forum

Want to give your members a private place to share ideas, ask for feedback, support and guidance. A members-only forum is a great way to build a relationship with members, make them more engaged and loved

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Members Directory

Want to showcase your members and help them to promote their services to members? You can even charge an extra fee to have them displayed on your member's directory if you wish.

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Sales page, email and onboarding copy

Don't have time or the skill to sell your membership? We can craft your sales pages and onboarding emails to save you the hassle. We can't produce your member's content, though. That's your area of expertise.

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Member Affiliates

Want to reward members for sharing the word of your membership website. Let us set up your affiliate programme so that you can incentivise your members to grow your membership for you.

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Want to build up your influence and awareness with a podcast. With this feature, you can add new podcast episodes quickly and easily to your site either for members, to the public or both.

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Want to reward your members for their achievements and progress through your courses and membership site? Gamification adds a fun element to your website and helps to encourage your members to come back for more

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Infusionsoft Integration

Want to run your membership websites access through Infusionsoft and run upsells and more advanced automations based on your member's actions. For example, when they complete a course, you can automatically congratulate them and encourage them to buy the next course. (Memberium or iMember360 licences are required and not included in the pricing plans).

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ActiveCampaign Integration

Using ActiveMember360 we can connect and set up your site to run sophisticated automations through ActiveCampaign based on how your members interact with your site's content. For example, completing a course and then running an automated upsell sequence. (The ActiveMember360 licence is required and not included in the pricing plans)

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Thinking about weekly webinars for your members? With the LiveLearnings feature connect with your members, let them know exactly when your next call is with a countdown timer and integrations to allow members to add the call to their calendar.

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Members should feel looked after, right? The watchlist feature gets members to answer a couple of questions then pulls up a list of videos exclusive to them. Keeping members on track and learning effectively.

Not sure which pro add ons are right for you?

Or which features you actually need? Book a demo call to learn more

We understand how hard and frustrating it can be to set up a membership website and then maintain it to a high quality for your members.

In addition to everything else you already do. Membership websites pricing is probably in the forefront of your mind. After all, you should be focusing on running your business instead of worrying about a website.

With MemberLab we take care of all the tech, the set up, ongoing licence costs and support you all the way. To ensure you have a great looking website that functions beautifully for your members too.

Giving you the peace of mind and freedom to do what you love, creating your content, engaging with your members and growing your audience.

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How it works.

Get your very own membership site in 3 simple steps

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1. Pick the Foundations Plan

We’ll help you choose the foundations and features for your site, sign up, and we'll get started right away.

2. Build & Launch

We'll create your branded membership website which becomes the vehicle to building your audience and a scalable recurring income.

3. Grow your membership

We'll support you as you grow your online business.

Ready to launch YOUR Membership site in just 14 days

without the hassle of trying to do it yourself or the expense of using an agency or freelancer?!

A game changer for my business!

Since going live, we’ve seen increased leads, increased membership sign ups and increased sales. The sites represent me, and what I’m all about perfectly and I’m finally proud of my websites now. The support and guidance I get from the team is precious and helpful to me as a “none techie”.
Adele Stickland
Adele Stickland
Get Gorgeous

Steady growth in our monthly revenues

Since having the new membership site created for Sports Xplorers we’ve seen a steady growth in our monthly revenues, and everyone loves the design and feel of our new membership site.
Eddie Ray 1 2
Eddie Ray
Sport Xplorers

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

Do I own the website myself?

Yeah, you sure do. Once you have paid your website balance your website is all yours. If you are paying on a monthly plan the site will become yours once you have completed the 12 months of payments.

Do you provide a domain name for my website?

We highly recommend that you own and control your domain name. We can help you to get this purchased and set up as part your launch plan. If you already have a domain name, we recommend leaving it where it is and we will take care of pointing it to our servers when your new website is ready to go live.

Will you host my new website?

Yes. Our plans cover the cost of website hosting on safe and reliable dedicated servers. We also regularly backup your website and keep your software up-to-date to avoid security breaches.

Can I host the website myself?

If you are on one of the 12 month payment plans we are unable to transfer the hosting to your account. Once the balance is cleared you can host the website where ever you like.

What do I pay at the end of my payment plan

If you would like us to still host and maintain the site for you we have a few options for you. You'll pay just $50 a month for your hosting backups, plugin licences and any ongoing support you need. If you'd like to continue to improve the site then talk to us about any of our support plans.

Do you include the plugin licence fees?

Yes as long as you are on one of the plans we cover the costs of the membership plugin, Learndash to manage your courses, IP board for the community and any plugins we use to deliver any of the PRO features (Excluding CRM based plugins for Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign).

Which membership plugin do you use?

We use Memberpress as the membership plugin that controls the taking of payments and content restriction. We can work with other membership plugins but there may be additional charges to support these.

If you are looking for a deeper integration with a CRM like ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft we can set this up for you as a Pro Feature, you'll just have to cover the cost of the plugin required.

How long will it take to build my website?

The development time varies slightly based on which plan you choose. Our general time frame is 2-4 weeks for the Starter Plan and 4-6 weeks for PRO websites. However, all time frames depend on the features you choose and your responsiveness.

What happens at the end of the 12 month agreement?

Once your 12 month agreement is complete, you own your website. If you choose to move your site to another company or host provider, we’ll provide you with a backup file that contains your entire website and database. However, most of our clients choose to continue with one of our renewal options.

Can I cancel or downgrade the agreement before the end of 12 months?

There’s no option to cancel or downgrade the agreement early. This is because we distribute the cost of your initial development (in addition to the ongoing support, changes, hosting, and backups) over 12 monthly payments, and most of the design and development happens at the beginning of the agreement term. However, you’re welcome to pay off the total amount of the agreement at any time and we will honor our commitment to provide our promised services for the remainder of the 12 months.

Can I add additional features to the site as I grow my site?

Yes. If you want to add a feature to your site that is not covered in the original plan you are on we will be happy to add this to the site for you as a one off cost.

Do you upload the content for me?

Yes. It's super easy to upload your content to your site. Every plan includes uploading a certain amount of content for you. This is usually the most time consuming part of getting your website ready for launch. You or your team can easily add your content yourself or you can send it to us and we'll do it all for you.

What marketing tools can I connect the site to?

We can connect your membership site with the following email marketing tools  - ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, Drip, Get Response, Infusionsoft,  Mad Mimi, Mailchimp, Mail Poet, Mailster, Sendy.

If there are any other tools you don't see please let us know and we can investigate to see if we can connect the membership site to your marketing tool. You may have to pay an additional fee for a tool not supported in the list above.

What does the ongoing support include?

We know you'll need some help along the way. Our Starter and Pro plans come with email support so we can help you with any questions or issues you are having. Our done for you support covers all areas of making the website work best for you, this includes, plugin updates, style and layout changes, creating new sales and opt-in pages, uploading new content and adding new features. The time you get varies on the support plan you're on but you can buy extra time if you need it.
The only thing we don't do is your marketing for you.