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The 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

Sales Series: Email Follow-Up Campaigns

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Most businesses are missing a trick. They’re neglecting their follow-up campaigns. When someone visits your sales page or requests your free offer, but doesn’t actually purchase, that’s where your follow-up campaign rides in like a digital knight in shining armour. 

Not everyone who reads through your offer is ready to buy right now. There are so many reasons why a visitor might not be in the mindset to purchase the first time they go to your site or use your free lead magnet. 

People may just be finding out everything they can about you before they compare you to a competitor. Or they could just be feeling out your pricing and value but still be unconvinced. 

So what should you do?

Should you let those potential leads disappear, possibly leaving unanswered questions, concerns, or misunderstandings? 

Of course not. 

A thorough marketing plan is essential for any offer including membership sites and courses. The most efficient sales systems should have a follow-up email campaign in place to reach those lost leads. If not, you’re leaving money on the table and missing out on what could be a game-changing proportion of sales.

What is a Follow-up Campaign?

A follow-up campaign is sometimes referred to as an email drip campaign or back-end campaign. This is an important marketing technique that reaches your potential customers at the point of indecision. 

Follow-up campaigns work to re-engage potential leads after they’ve opted in and turn them into subscribers, when it comes to membership websites. 

By sending a series of planned and targeted emails, you create the opportunity to move your audience closer to the point of conversion. These specific emails can receive even better results than your first email, because they ignite a moment of action rather than letting a lead drift away and forget about what your membership has to offer.

How To Make it Even Easier

Consistency and of course simplicity are key aspects to every effective marketing strategy. When it comes to creating and implementing your follow-up campaign, there is one thing you can do to make your life easier and your emails more successful. 


As part of running a membership website, you’ll make use of marketing software to automate a variety of processes. One of the features that you automate within the CRM should be your follow-up emails. 

By automating your follow-up emails you can build upon new customer relationships and create a consistent point of contact and information. All of this helps to form that all-important sense of trust and consistency between you and the people interested in what you can help them with. 

You could spend your evening hours every week writing up individual emails and sorting through your website visitors, but thankfully there’s a better option within easy reach. Automating your email process will not only free up your time but ensure your follow-up campaigns are prepared, proofed, and purposeful. 

With automated follow-up emails you can reap the rewards of:

    • Reducing your workload. Every time a lead opts in but doesn’t follow through on your offer, your CRM can start the follow-up email campaign. Meanwhile, you can focus on maximising your business and bringing valuable content to your site members.
    • A simplified marketing flow. With a streamlined email process you make contact with leads without waiting for them to make the first move. No matter how interesting your lead magnet or free download, a lot of customers will simply forget to take you up on your membership offer. Follow-up emails pick up the slack and keep you top of mind even after they’ve enjoyed your free content.
    • Making back lost sales. Imagine all of those people who grabbed the chance at your free offer or loved your sales page – but simply forgot all about it after that. Don’t leave these potential sales untouched. Take the chance to reconnect with people that have already shown interest. By converting more leads, you’ll be creating more income to put back into your business.
    • Overcome Objections. Imagine if a potential subscriber misunderstood what you offer. Would you want the chance to show them what you’re really about? Follow-up emails are a way to reopen a stream of dialogue again.

How to Spot an Effective Follow-up Campaign

It makes sense to put your follow-up email super-converter into place as soon as humanly possible. As you plan your campaigns there are a few things that are an absolute must to include.

  1. Make a Real Connection
  2. Infuse Value
  3. Overcome Objections
  4. Share Testimonial Stories
  5. Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse
  6. Add Urgency

Make sure you carefully create your email follow-up campaigns with these points in mind, because with the added ease of automating, you can write your campaign, set it up, and step back.

Bridge The Gap

First, bridge the gap between you and your lead by recognising a problem they might have and make that human-to-human connection. Second, demonstrate your knowledge and add value by offering a solution to their problem. 

Overcome Objections

Third, overcome the obvious objections they might have, including cost and trust. The fourth step can help with the issue of trust; share testimonial stories of your previous website members. This sits you firmly in a position of authority in your area. 

An Offer They Can’t Refuse 

Fifth, create an offer that your leads simply wouldn’t want to refuse. This could be a further free offer, discount, or emphasis on the value they’ll get from your membership site or course. Last but not least, invite fast action by giving a deadline to this offer.

If all of the email campaign planning still sounds like a mystery, don’t panic. You can still have your membership conversion cake and eat it! 

At Memberlab we build membership websites but we also support you in making it a success too. If you’re interested in getting membership subscribers from simply follow-up campaigns, book a free demo call to find out where to get started.

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