The 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

The Next-Generation Of Membership Sites

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It’s funny to think that the next generation won’t know a time without smartphones. That they don’t understand the hardship of character limits in texts, the pain of running out of credit and the limitations of life without unlimited data allowances. 

They don’t know the joy of Snake either, so at least we have that over Gen-Z.

But do you remember your first mobile phone? The feeling of wonder at the technology that allowed you to make calls on the go – to send text messages if you were too busy or shy to talk?! It was thrilling. And if you were lucky enough to get one of the latest devices, it felt cutting-edge. 

Looking back now though, would you cope with a Nokia 6210? What was groundbreaking then would leave us frustrated and stuck nowadays. 

Because as tech moves on, so do our expectations.

The same applies to membership websites. Back in the good ol’ days, it was fine to have a slower, clunky system because everyone did. It was the norm. But now there’s a new benchmark – and it’s high. 

People want to join sites that solve problems, enhance their lives or further their goals and they want these sites to just work. There is zero tolerance for sites that are difficult to navigate, slow to load or poorly made.

Here at Memberlab, we’re making the next generation of membership sites. But what makes them so good?

Putting The You In UX/UI

Don’t underestimate just how essential your user’s experience is. The way your members engage and interact with your material and content comes down to the fundamentals of your site’s construction. 

At Memberlab, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and created a framework that uses the most intuitive and ergonomic design, optimized to give you the best platform to connect with your members and potential members.

Communicate to Accumulate

Communication is at the heart of memberships. Your members want to hear from you. They may well be paying to hear from you, so you need to ensure that your platform has multiple engagement opportunities.

With our membership sites, you can utilize a staggering amount of tools that keep your members active, involved and invested.

These include;

Live Learnings

Our Live Learnings add-on enables you to offer your members a real-time learning experience. You’ll not only be able to check in with your members’ progress or update them about upcoming courses, you can also forge a personal connection with your membership base. That connection builds trust, making it easier for your members to see the value your membership gives them.

You can even record your Live Learning so that your members can access it whenever they need to. Nifty, huh?


Like BT used to say, it’s good to talk. Your members will have opinions, thoughts, feedback and discussion points that can help enhance their membership experience – if there’s a place to share them. 

That’s why we include forums within your plan. Forums mean that your members can build a community around your content and teachings, not only adding diverse insight but also creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie that will keep them coming back again and again.

Ask The Expert

Allow your members to tap into your expertise with our Ask The Expert feature. With this function, members get a direct line to your knowledge, making them feel like you are truly invested in their progression.

Member Momentum

A good membership site should not only keep members engaged, it should help them progress their learning, further their ambition and develop their confidence.

But how can you be responsible for all of this on top of your content creation and sales strategies? 

Email automation. 

Taking time to create a series of emails that can be automated means that you cover every aspect of comms with your members and potential members. 

Sales funnel emails? Check.

Lesson follow up email? Check. 

Happy birthday offer email? Check. 

Our membership sites seamlessly integrate with a range of email marketing tools and CRM’s so you can plan and manage your email marketing campaigns.

Ready To Take Your Membership To The Next Level?

If you think your membership website needs an injection of next-gen tech, then we need to talk. We’ll arrange a demo so you can see for yourself just how extensive the capabilities are – just drop us a message and we’ll be in touch. 

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