Would you like a steady stream of leads flowing into your membership site without you lifting a finger?

If you’ve got an established membership concept, and you want a proven way to generate new leads, nurture those leads and turn them into members – all on autopilot – you’re in the right place.

Chances are you set up your membership because you had some value you wanted to share with the world.

Chances are you set up your membership because you had some value you wanted to share with the world.

The problem is that just being good at what you do isn’t enough to have a successful membership organisation; you need to be good at marketing it too.

For many of us, that’s easier said than done. Most people set up membership sites because they want to be able to leverage their expertise and generate passive income, so the last thing they want to do is spend every hour of the day marketing to get members – it kind of defeats the object.

That’s where our Done-For-You Membership Funnel offering comes in.

What is a Done-For-You Membership Funnel?

When you work with us to develop your Membership funnel, we’ll build you a bespoke membership acquisition funnel, from scratch, so you can start generating leads and getting new members with no time or effort invested on your part.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with us to create your funnel:

DONE-FOR-YOU opt-in page to acquire visitors into subscribers

We’ll build you a bespoke opt-in page, where you can offer something of use and value to your prospects in exchange for their data.

Whether it’s a PDF download or an email course, we’ll get all the tech set up and working, so it gets delivered to them automagically.

And of course, we’ll design the page beautifully, and make sure that it has everything on it to attract the opt-in.


Getting more members is the name of the game, and that’s why we’ll also put together a completely done-for-you offer page, giving your prospects a compelling reason to come on board and try your membership out for size.

Chock-full of compelling copy and dazzling design, this page will highlight all of the reasons why someone should become a member, and give them a too-good-to-refuse offer to come on board and benefit from what you offer.

DONE-FOR-YOU CRM Integration

Once you’ve got the opt-in, you’ll want to make sure you nurture that lead, so it’s vital they end up in your marketing CRM.

We’ll do all the hard work behind the scenes to make that happen, so every single lead heads into your CRM without you having to lift a finger, allowing you to engage with them and encourage them to become members.

DONE-FOR-YOU Email Series

Right, so you’ve got your offer page – how do you drive your prospects there and get them to take action?

That’s where your email series comes in, and over the years we’ve been building and running membership sites, we’ve learnt A LOT about what does and doesn’t work when it comes to email campaigns that sell.

We’ve taken all that knowledge and turned it into a proven email campaign that delivers members, time and time again, in a wide variety of sectors.

You’ll get this campaign as part of your Membership Funnel, tweaked and refined for the specifics of your product, ensuring that you have the very best chance of bringing members in.

Oh, and - of course - it can all be automated, so this series goes out without you even thinking about it.

“Why should I get a Membership Funnel?”

If you want to make more money from your membership, you need more members.

Trouble is, marketing for more members takes time, effort and experience, and if you’re not a marketing natural, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the results you want.

Plus, one of the key reasons to get a membership website is to generate passive income that doesn’t rely on your time and effort; a reason that’s completely undone if you’re having to work super hard to get members in.

But when you outsource to MemberLab, you’ll get a ready-to-go, integrated funnel that you can just fire traffic at and generate leads and members as a result.

Which means more sales, more income and more profit, with less time, less effort and less stress.

Is a Membership Funnel for you?

... then a Membership Funnel is perfect for you.

Your Investment

Your very own, bespoke Membership Funnel, built and implemented by the expert team here at MemberLab is an investment of just $1500.

And when you consider that that’s a one-time investment to deliver you members time and time again, we’re sure you’ll agree that that’s very good value indeed.

After all, if your membership costs £50 a month, and your members stay with you for an average of 12 months or more, you’ll only need three new members from your new Membership Funnel to be in profit.

And – of course – when you get your funnel built by the experts, you’re giving yourself the best chance of maximising the number of members coming in through the doors, so breaking even really is the tip of the iceberg.

In short, it really is a no-brainer to get your Membership Funnel completely done-for-you by the expert MemberLab team.

Secure Your Funnel Today

We work on each funnel on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, and have a strict limit on the number of projects we take on, to ensure that we maintain high quality.

The sooner you get in touch to secure your funnel, the sooner we’ll get started creating you something that’ll generate you new leads and help you get new members, all on autopilot.

To secure your Membership Funnel now, just fill in the form or give us a call on 01926 266059 now.