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Grow, and monetize YOUR expertise without the tech headaches and hidden extra costs

Our done for you membership creation service allows you to build a robust and secure area for your members. Centralise all your assets and efficiently sell your knowledge with a custom membership site.

The following membership website features are included in our foundations plan + all the other membership features available to you.

Please note any feature with this symbol is an additional feature charged at and addition fee


If you are unsure of what you need and would like to speak to one of our membership website experts - book your free no-obligation demo call and we can show you some of our sites and answer any questions you may have.

A fully custom membership website that matches your brand

All you have to do is send over your branding, sales page copy and content and we'll set up and customise your membership site to perfectly match your brand. We'll use your fonts, colours and logos to give your users a seamless experience.

Here is what a typical membership website includes

Share your expertise in a number of different ways.

Guide your members with world class learning management and content management

Only the best will do when it comes to giving your members the best learning experience thats why every member lab site comes with the Learndash LMS plugin. Set up all types of content for your members like courses, lessons, topics, quizzes & award certificates.

We will set up your courses for you and even upload your content for you.

Foundations of a membership website

The following content features are availiable to you

Membership website courses


A lot of membership websites have courses at their heart, and we know that. We use an industry-leading plugin called Learndash LMS, which allows you to add as many courses as you want.

Content Library

Content Library

Content Libraries are a great tool to have in your arsenal; they allow members to easily scroll through everything you have to offer from ebooks, tools and videos as well as save them and bookmark their favourite pieces of content to come back to later.

Membership quizzes and certificates

Certificates & Quizzes

You can use LearnDash LMS to Quiz members at the end of a module to make sure they've retained the right information. When they finish a course automatically issue a certificate so members can show off their achievements and new-found knowledge.

Drip Feeding Membership Content

Drip Feed

Drip feed your content by slowly releasing it week by week or month by month, guiding your users as they learn from the day they join your membership. Drip feeding helps to provide ongoing value for your members, an alternative option to drip feeding is having all of your content accessible when a member joins.

Live Callls For Membership Websites

Live Learnings

Live Calls are a great way to get connected with your members and build and develop a relationship. With our Live Learnings addon, you can quickly schedule your next online training call with your members. Easily display all your upcoming calls, even display a countdown timer for the next call. Once the calls done, simply upload the recording for your members to view whenever they want and increase the valueable contet you offer. Members can even add calls to their calendar, so they never forget one.


Watchlist Feature - Membership Website


The watchlist feature gets members to answer a couple of questions then pulls up a list of content exclusive to them based on their anwers. Keeping members on track and learning effectively.


Membership website roadmap


Want to give your members a guided path to follow on their journey through your content? A members roadmap can help you to do this perfectly.


Engage better with your members and make your membership the heart of your community.

Facilitate conversations, engagement and peer to peer support for members.

Community engagement on a membership website

The following engagement features are availiable to you

Members only forum


Forums create a safe space for members to communicate with each other, share ideas, get support from others and build a community.

When members feel loved by you and others within your membership, they are more likely to stick around, which means forums are a great way to boost members retention and keep your membership website moving.

You can create groups within a forum to segment your members publicly based on their interests so everyone will be able to find a topic they are interested in


Membership Website Directory

Members Directory

Members can network and get to know each other. Once set up, members directories are the best way to encourage internal networking without ever having to leave your site.

One of the features of our members directory is that you can charge members an extra fee to be displayed on your members directory, increasing their exposure.


Membership Website Gamification


Gamification is a great way to keep your members motivated and ready to go. Do you want to reward your members for their achievements and progress through your courses and membership site?

With gamification, you can add fun elements to your website and help to encourage your members to come back for more through leaderboards, points and more


Membership Site Sign Up Page

Sell your courses one by one or access to everyting for a monthly recurring fee

Simple online payments are a crucial membership website features. Selling your expertise should be easy. Your website will be able to easily take your online payments via PayPal or Credit card as a one off fee or an ongoing subscription.

Payment gateways supported include:

One time membership payments

One Time Payments

Not all membership sites have to be subscription based. We can set up one time payments for your courses or content and connect your preferred payment portal. On your membership website dashboard you'll be able to review how much revenue your membership website has made.

Recurring subscriptions for memberships


Memberships generally run on subscriptions so you can generate recurring and predictable income. The plugins we use will show you exactly how much revenue your membership website has generated and charge for the subscriptions for you.

Membership website courses


A lot of membership websites have courses at their heart, and we know that. We use an industry-leading plugin called Learndash LMS, which allows you to add as many courses as you want.

Members only online shop

Members Online Shop

Having members-only products as a feature in your membership website is like having an exclusive shop only for a select few. You could offer things like one on one coaching, your eBook or templates.


Grow your lists and sell your knowledge

Membership Website Landing Page Templates

Customisable landing page templates to help you attract & capture leads and build your marketing lists

With the all MemberLab websites you get access to our landing page templates that you can duplicate customise and use to attract leads. With the Optin-Login-Instant-Access strategy they get instant access to the freebie by just clicking on the signup. They get added to the membership, logged in and redirected to the freebie page (and of course they get their login info sent by email too!)

We can create your optin pages for you as part of your support plans

Membership Website Sales Page Templates

Customisable sales page templates to help you sell your membership levels, courses and products

Because you can’t really sell a membership site without a sales page, MemberLab also comes with a sales page template that you can duplicate customize and use to attract clients. Duplicate the page as you need, add your copy and images and you’re all set!

We will create your membership sale pages for you as part of your set up - if you need extra pages for different membership levels we will do this as part of your support time

Affiliates Image

Members affiliates

We can set up an affiliates program that works with you to provide an incentive for your members to grow your membership for you and shout from the rooftops about how good your membership is for you. The Members affiliates pro addon offers many different options for how you reward your members, to find out more book a demo call and ask.


Coupons Image


Coupons are a membership website owners best friend. They allow site owners to set up offers like allowing members two weeks free membership, one week's free membership or even their first month for $1, once they're over the member would be charged at the normal price for your membership automatically. Let coupons free up your time to focus on other things.

Blog containing membership website information


Blogs are a great way to promote your membership website organically. You can rank on search engines to increase your organic traffic and let new members find you all on their own

Podcast UI


You can use our Podcasts addon to showcase your podcasts to the public, members or both allowing you to promote your membership in the best way possible.


Get Connected to your favourite marketing and business tools.

Your membership website can be connected to powerful marketing tools to help you attract new members, engage members and track your marketing efforts more effectively.

Integrations illustration

+ We have your back every sep of the way

Your membership website will come with the following for the first 12 months...

Membership website plugin

Powerful website hosting, security and backups.

No need to manage your own server or hosting account, we supply the hosting on our powerful hosting platform. We even run daily back ups.

Membership website integrations

All member site essential plugin licence fee's covered

With MemberLab we cover the cost of the key plugins you need to get your membersite up and running. These include, Memberpress, Learndash, Gravity Forms, Elementor and IPBoard to run your community.

Expert ongoing support and guidance whenever you need

We don't just build your membership website and say goodbye. We give you 12 months technical and how to support to ensure your have complete peace of mind when it comes to manageing and growing your membership website

Here's how it works

1. Talk to us

Book your free demo call and tell us all about your buisness and the type of membership website your looking to grow.

2. Pick A Plan

The foundations plan contains all the basic features of a membership website. All you need to do is pick any pro adds on you'd like. We’ll help you get signed up, and get started right away.

3. Build, launch & grow

We'll create your membership website which becomes the vehicle for your unique message and support you as you grow.

A game changer for my business!

Since going live, we’ve seen increased leads, increased membership sign ups and increased sales. The sites represent me, and what I’m all about perfectly and I’m finally proud of my websites now. The support and guidance I get from the team is precious and helpful to me as a “none techie”.
Adele Stickland Business owner
Adele Stickland
Get Gorgeous

Steady growth in our monthly revenues

Since having the new membership site created for Sports Xplorers we’ve seen a steady growth in our monthly revenues, and everyone loves the design and feel of our new membership site.
Eddie Ray Sports Xplorers
Eddie Ray
Sport Xplorers
10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website


10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

Discover the secrets of planning, building and running a successful, profitable membership website​ around your expertise

MemberLab is a completely done-for-you membership website creation service, giving you a proven framework to launch, monetize and grow your recurring revenue. We offer ongoing expert support with no tech hassles or hidden costs!

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The 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Membership Website

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