Breakthrough Communications

Breakthrough Communications are passionate about connecting local councils with their communities. They create content aimed at parish councils and local councils to communicate, support, engage and ensure they're compliant with all of the latest changes in GDPR and Regulations.

What was required

Breakthrough Communications wanted a brand new public facing website and membership website. The Membership Website needed to have 3 different tiers of membership, ‘Essentials’ ‘Professional’ and ‘Premium’ with different rewards and content available to both.

They needed to educate Local councils and Parishes all over the UK, helping them to be compliant and communicate with their communities better.

The Membership part of this client project needed courses, resources, live masterclasses and Consultations.

The goal is to create a membership site that is easily updateable for the staff at breakthrough communications.

How we helped

We created a fresh, light, speedy and useable front facing and membership website that serves Breakthrough Communications needs perfectly.

We connected the membership site to Stripe, which is a payment gateway. Stripe is industry-leading and convenient to use and manage. We also Connected their websites to Xero, an accounting software that enables the business to create invoices for offline payments and track them alongside their online orders.

We used our MemberLab framework for the core areas of the membership site. This means we use consistency to drive conversions, sales and lead magnet downloads, all while promoting site exclusive content.

The MemberLab framework is customisable, which means each area can be rebranded or renamed depending on the site, for example at MemberLab we’d usually called LiveLearnings… Live Learnings. Breakthrough Communications wanted to call them Live Masterclasses and sell them individually, so we made that happen using custom post types. We also developed two additional custom post types.

We set up the initial groundwork to build a community forum on the Breakthrough Communications website once they have more members and are up and running.

We used our credit system plugin to create a booking system for the business’ members to book consultations

We also imported their members from their previous membership solution.

What was included:

  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • ActiveCampaign Set up
  • Courses
  • Resources
  • Live Learnings

Technology Used:

  • Learndash LMS
  • MemberPress
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Xero
  • Stripe
  • WordPress
  • Live Learnings - Plugin by MemberLab
  • Credits - Plugin by MemberLab
  • Gravity Forms
  • Elementor

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