Ballet Be Fit

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What was required

The company Ballet Be Fit wanted us to design and develop two websites for them.

The new membership website will have a sales page for both of their brands.

They wanted two sales pages, both pages will offer the membership or individual courses to purchase.

here will be a combination of one off courses (split into modules) and monthly membership on the site.

All of these will be specific to members who have purchased the  relevant course or package (or both)

If a user purchases individual courses they should be given a free membership level to access the dashboard and this one course.

Users will need to be able to supply assignments to be marked. Mostly on the Ballet Be Fit website.
These will be done via Quizzes and video uploads.

How we helped

Ballet Be Fit now has a light but functional website with the user in mind. The way users navigate the website is smooth and simple. Ballet Be Fit’s membership website features advanced content filtering to ensure members can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Ballet be fit’s membership website covers virtual training, Live Learning, Live Learnings, Course quizzes, a Members Roadmap and a Quiz

Ballet Be Fit wanted their website to be as accessible as possible, we used two different payment methods as well as included different tabs for each type of member that accesses the website.

We used our MemberLab framework for the core areas of the membership site.

The membership is powered by ActiveMember 360, allowing the creation of multiple memberships and team memberships in various currencies across the world.

We also connected the site to ActiveCampaign CRM to ensure members are correctly segmented.

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